Hello friends,
Facing a small problem please advise me what should be done in this situation?
Client has given some keywords but all the keywords are not targeting the main page but some of them are coming in search with inner pages of website. So to target all the keywords for home page do I have to start the SEO from the first step?
Members please give your valuable suggestions.

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so used inner web page site ........other ways used a sortner for the work....

It is hard to target all the keywords on your home page... If somehow you place all of them on your homepage, you probably would not rank for any of them... So, its better to target few keywords per page...but in a prudent way.

Maybe you'd like to 301 redirect those pages to the main page. After that, you'll create other pages instead. At least this is something I would do.

Anyways, you should let your client know that usually, it's better to rank with inner pages, as he can better target the users who found him via a search engine.

Target home page keyword as per business services. Suppose your business is real estate then only choosing keyword like real estate services, real estate broker, etc. Not choosing inner pages targeted keyword. because other targeted keyword already in inner pages.

mostly clink do not have so much how now about SEo so you have to convince and tell tjhem what is rite

i agree with M Becky words. and i suggest to avoid redirect option to get targeting your homepages.

It is hard to target all the keywords on your home page...

Hello friend, It's mostly difficult to target all keywords on home page because we can target only 5 keywords on any page.therefore you tell our clients this case.....


It's difficult to target all the keywords on home page. You can target only 4-5 keywords per page. Target your primary keywords at home page and rest of all ranking for inner page as you said.

Dear Sir,

As Per my Knowledge of SEO.

We are generally put 5 keywords on the home page for better result and other are in the sub page.
For your problem you can redirect your page or you have to convience your client for solve your problem.

Malcolm Little


Focus the most important keywords on the home page and the less important keywords on the inner pages. Convince your clients the home page is the place where they want to place there efforts.

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