Hello to all,
I have a PR2 website and so i wanted to ask you all that how can i increase more PR and alexa rank.
Can anybody help me out.?
my website:- LINK DELETED

if you have any suggestion related to my site then let me know.
Thanks in advance

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You should go for forum posting and blog commenting in those sites which are relevant to your site and go for article submission also.

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I think you can apply the SEO technique. Ad posting, forum posting, blog posting etc also give better results. But this process is very slow.


You have to make a quality links and also make a good use of social media sites to drive a traffic so you will achieve your goal.

Votes + Comments

all tghe above coment is good for SEO and you have to use the fresh content for the site and post the article also


Submit your site in do follow social bookmarking sites. Do forum posting and promote your site in social networking sites.


Alexa is not a good indication of quality because it can be easily manipulated and is only affected by those who have the Alexa toolbar.

Re gaining PR on your pages, besides gaining quality links, you can also keep adding more pages to your website. Every page you add counts as another link pointing at your home page and this increased PR over time. These pages will likely be higher quality than any link you can gain from anyone else.


You have to focus on traffic rather than PR. Now a days PR has least value and people are giving importance to highly traffic websites.

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