Hi all, 1st time poster...

I opened an Adwords account, with all my payment ect... it tells me that it's active, but after a couple of hours, I'm still not finding my ad in Google when entering the keywords, and according to the figures upon signing up, they should appear in the #1 position for many of them! (I used specific phrases for most)

Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks for your help

Okay, I've delved deeper, and I think I've been burned by Google. None of my 13 keywords are active, because apparently my bids are only .05, and they want at least .15 for each one, even though I know there is NO competition!
I'm totally peeved off by this. They don't tell you this when they take your signup fee of £5!
I've played with keywords (even through in some gobbledegook random letters), and they all start at .15 or .20 no matter what, even though before you register, the minimum bid is .01!
What gives?

I've had this problem too. No competition and yet my ads still don't show up. Have you selected to show in Google search in addition to in the content network (ie AdSense publishers)?

Hi cscgal,

I certainly have, I even upped my bid to .25 for 2 keywords and nothing, no adds. Even left it overnight. Still nothing. Nothing is paused, I don't know what's going on. I'm going to have to try new campaigns or contact Google. What's the point in all that research using Overture's keyword search and Maxbid tools? :'(

It's ad if Google is trying to stop in inflow of new people tring to make money from affiliate programs! :@

PS: I went to use Yahoo instead, as they are saying they deposit £60 free into your account for adds! However, by the time I got to the bank details page, they request £70 join up fee! No mention of any free funds!
Now that's misleading!!