my opinion is Firefox.. this is best for SEO

I am using Google Chrome browser..
Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts..
Now i will also start using Mozilla Firefox..
Thanks Everyone.

I use both chrome & firefox browser for my SEO work.

Firefox has more addons therefore this is the best option


Sir, it is not at all based on web browsers.


I also use Google Chrome for seo...:)

Not only for SEO, for all purposes i feel Firefox is the best browser.

Hello, I personnaly prefer mozilla for SEO it has all my requirements.

I am using Firefox and it's adons are really helpful in way of SEO.

I would recommend Mozilla Firefox, as it supports mostly all the seo tools in its browser window.

I would like referred chrome, it’s always best browser to browse any size of websites. You will get access quickly. Because of speed is good.
From here you can get huge no of SEO purpose extensions.

Firefox and the Google chrome are the best for seo .

Mozilla Firefox is the best for SEO since it has many add-on's such as SEOQuake that help you evaluate your SEO efforts and track your site/blog’s progress in the major search engines.

Mozila Firefox is the best browser for SEO purpose!

Moz has slight edge though now Chrome too have addons of SEO with even better experience

for SEO tools you will find lot of free SEO tools in FF plugin section...both for developer as well as SEO....and you will love them....

For SEO you have to check your website in all browsers….and you have to make sure your website is working correctly on all updated browsers….FF is the most popular one…so start working with FF then rest….but make sure your site is 100% workable in all latest (updated) browsers….

I think it's Google Chrome

Some Best Browser for SEO

  • Rock Melt
  • FirefoX
  • Google Chrome

no one like that Mozilla Firefox........for work of Seo .

In My opinion Mozilla firefox is the best option for Seo you can brouse multi websites at the same time, also check out the page rank of all type like on Google, Alexa

i think chrome is better than mozilla but i am using mozilla, coz i like to use it and it is best suited for me for doing all my work.

Id say Firefox, because its quick in submission.


Yes, Mozilla Firefox is best for Seo.

My opinion Mozila Firefox is best for SEO because it's provide lots of adons and provide better funcunality comparison other browser.

I would probably name it as Firefox as it has many Add-ons which are in beneficial in seo.


Mozilla is the best browser for SEO. Because mozilla is not an organisation. Its an community where group of people are working for browser features. And they understand the user need.


Ofcourse, Mozilla...


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Use firefox with some addon and test site with almost web browser

I am prefer mozila firefox browser because of there are many add ons avaialbe in the browser options.

Undoubtedly, my vote goes to Moxilla Firefox!!

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