What are the benefits of doing Social Bookmarking for new websites?

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Social Bookmarking is much better solution than directory submission, As When We bookmarks the links wit high PR sites, So when Google Bot Crawls the site then OUR BOOKMARKED url also get some priority. But While doing bookmarking we should bw aware what tags we are using coz they will be clicable, And Will work As a keyword promotion. So make a title that is your keyword with Place.

More traffic
Qualified visitors
More social signals
Faster indexing

For a new website social bookmarking is most important as it can help your website to index fast. Google bot visits social bookmarking website's more often so it can crawl and index your website from social bookmarking link. Some of the bookmark sites like stumbleupon, reddit etc. also sends good traffic to your website too.

Social Bookmarking is one of the traditional off page techniques which are mainly used for obtaining instant backlinks.

Wondering if anyone come up with the Top Site list of SBM only Dofollow link.

I used to think I had to be on every site available, and I was spreading myself too think and was not really able to keep the momentum going. Then I heard a really successful person say that in social media, they were where their audience was. And I thought, you know what? That's the smart way to do it. First find out if your niche audience can be found in that particular bookmarking site, and if they are there, hit it with all you've got, if they are somewhere else, move on to where they can be found. That is the best advice I can give you, otherwise you'll go crazy and it'll be like hitting a pinata blindfolded, with =very little results!

i am a bit confused about the terminology, what do you mean by social bookmarking, ae you talking about sites like delicious, bit.ly or placing code on your sites that enables your content to be shared on social sites

social bookmarking has no seo value

It enables us to get instant backlinks as well helps our new pages to get indexed faster by the search engines.

Social bookmarking is useful for getting lots of traffic. You also can do branding via Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a Off page seo techniqe in which we can save links of web pages, blogs, hubpages, articles, video or any other information that we want to share online.

These are few common benefits of social bookmarking

1.You have an option allowing the bookmarking site to pull your current bookmarks from your computer and transfer them to their site. This makes it easy to get your favorite sites online without a lot of tedious catch up work.
2.You can set it up so the site sends you a notification for specific tags to let you know when someone on the network creates a bookmark using that same tag. This keeps you completely current on any tag you’re interested in.
3. Other users around the globe can see your bookmarks online and making your site hyper‐visible.
4. You can access your bookmarks and all the features of your bookmarking account from any computer that has internet access, giving you complete portability and security—you never have to worry about losing information you have bookmarked

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Now a Days most of the sites provide No Follow links and even some of them wouldn't renew their domains too. so better try to focus to concentrate on Blog Post.

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