Where's your qualifying information?

This is just a thread of people voting on their personal favorite choices. You don’t need qualifying information to give your opinion, although asking why they like it could be a good idea :)

Think of this like one of those old “Windows or Linux?” threads where everyone chimes in. If someone says, “Linux all the way!” then it makes sense to ask what they like about it, but responding with asking what qualifying information they have doesn’t make much sense.

Why did you pull up such an old discussion?

Everyone’s list of recommended topics as they browse DaniWeb is different. This is a hot topic that keeps getting replies every few days, so it’s most likely on the homepage for people who the system thinks are into SEO.

rproffitt commented: I agree with "Completely useless without qualifying information." +15

I agree with "Completely useless without qualifying information."

Sorry, I don’t understand? It seems you disagree with my post yet you voted my post up? Am I misunderstanding? I’m confused what you mean.

commented: I agree with your post, and with an above comment. The OP asked for a lot more. Let's get some data! +0

All browser are good but I think Mozilla Firefox is a best and useful browser for SEO because it has many tools and add-ons that useful for SEO and very faster than other. also prefer Google Chrome because Chrome provide me fast searching speed in SERPs than other browser.
Widely used for all developers and marketers is Google Chrome.
Internet Explorer is now somehow amazing and fast browser for doing SEO task or online activity.
surprisingly firefox is lightweight and more secure then all the other browsers.

There is no any browsers condition to do best SEO. You can use any browser to do SEO. But most important and most famous browser that used for SEO is mozilla firefox and google chrome.

Google Chrome is good but Mozila is becoming better than ever. In my point of view Mozila is far better than Chrome. Also chrome has some RAM issue. Yet, I am still using chrome!!

I use Chrome but it definitely is a memory hog.

Google Chrome

I have been using Mozilla Firefox for the last 10 years and it works well for me than Chrome. Google Chrome is much behind in terms of security also.

Well, I use BRAVE. It is best among all the browsers better than CHROME. Install and see it yourself. Also, you don't have to install AD BLOCKER if you use BRAVE because it automaticallys blocks all the ads from every website. Best thing of the browser.

I prefer Google Chrome

SEO has nothing to do with the browser you use. It relates to how the search engines like Google view your site.

In my experience in SEO, Google Chrome is the best ever.

Well, there is no BEST browser for doing SEO. You do SEO for website you are working. All browsers - Internet, Chrome, Firefox works for SEO.

All browser are good but I think Mozilla Firefox is a best and useful browser for SEO because it has many tools and add-ons that useful for SEO and very faster than other. also prefer Google Chrome because Chrome provide me fast searching speed in SERPs than other browser

I think Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the best browsers. I have personally used these two browsers. Why I am suggesting these because they various plugins and extensions that we can use to analyse and monitor a website.

As per me Google chrome is the best browser.

There are several browsers, due to compatibiity all browsers are not responsive.

Chrome is the best in terms of compatibility.

You should use google chrome

Google Crome and Bing is the best browser for seo

Google Chrome

Thanks for suggestions

As I work daily on seo i prefer google crome. Its the best according to me.

SEO do not affected by browser. You can use any browser for SEO work. But, Google chrome is best browser for SEO among all the available browser. You can easily install many tool in your Google chrome extension to check your SEO effort very easily without spending much time. Actually, Google chrome save your time. So, I choose it to do SEO

Google Chrome is a very popular browser. It is a product of Google and was introduced in 2009. I am using it because it is very fast.

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for everything such as SEO, surfing etc.

SEO is not browser specific but its of search engine specific, all search engines have different parameters which they consider for SEO called "Algorithm" by search engines. I am working as digital marketing expert at Expertek Cyber Solutions Inc for many years ago. In my openion Google Chrome is best for SEO because it have Google Search Engine by default also provide many useful extensions for SEO moreover it have very vast audience in terms of usibility as compared to all other search engines worldwide.

All program are acceptable yet I think Mozilla Firefox is a best and valuable program for SEO in light of the fact that it has numerous devices and additional items that helpful for SEO and quicker than other.

Cobmination of Chrome and Firefox.

I think Google Chrome is hands down the best out of all. It provides lots of features to analyze the code using page inspect. I know Mozilla is also great but still, since most people use Chrome for browsing worldwide, it is better to test anything on it as the optimizer as well.

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