My site's ranking get down randomly now is showing in 6th page but before it was on top page so do i have to continue My SEO Work Or not ?

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You should always be continuing your seo work.

I'm confused by your question. You're saying you lost ranking and want to know if you should work harder? The answer is yes. Always yes. Even if you are #1 it can always get better.

Yes, you should definitely work harder. It looks like your rankings went down suddenly, so better check if you get hit by some sort of Google algorithm. Better check the if you got any mail in your webmaster account warning you about bad links etc. as well.

SEO is not a one time event. It is a continuous process. You need to monitor, measure, and adjust for the ever changing conditions that may affect your site on the web.

Yes, you have to work harder to get back your ranking position in search engine. You have to keep continue all the activities you have done till now. SEO is an ongoing process.

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