If I have one Unique article and it is Translated into 55 Different Global Languages. All 55 are Copy Scape, will Google Consider it Spam, I think it is better than the Spin articles!

I think that you can successfully get all pages to rank in Google if you do it right. Ideally, you'd want each article to be hosted by a country-specific domain (i.e. site.com/page.html, site.es/page.html, site.jp/page.html, etc) and set Google Webmaster Tools to target a specific country for each domain. I would also link back to the English version to "give credit" to the original version. Remember, Google and Bing have built-in translators so they're going to know it's the same article, so everything linking back to the original article is going to make you seem more on the up-and-up. I think if you play your cards right, you could get each individual article to rank among language-specific searches. Good luck!

The articles will be used to Build Links Through web 2.0, Back Links, will it be considered as SPAM?