indexing , how it is differ from cache

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When a spider indexes your site, it crawls its content to include in its index so it can be searchable. Optionally, search engines will store a cached version of each page in their index. Keep in mind that when a search engine caches a copy of a page, it's different from your browser's cache that caches local copies of files to speed up browsing the web.

what is differance between indexing and cache , i understan from your this post that cache is picture of page and what about indexing

When a search engine spider indexes a page, it crawls it and puts all the necessary information about it into its database (aka its index). Indexed pages are the pages that the search engine knows about and can show as search results.

Mean to say index is the process in which serch engine boot save your page in data base ????? i am wright

Yes idex means save the quarry in data base and cache means save the picture of your page in data base

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