My first problem is a confirmation really, can anyone confirm the monthly searches for the keyword "Gelato Sundae" because I should be getting close to 200 hits minimum from google and I'm getting one maybe two a day. According to google keyword tool, under exact, this keyword, "Gelato Sundae", get 90k a month and I'm in 5th according to my google serp check of googles database based on my location, 7 on the west coast and a program called Traffic Travis (I am using a 60 day free trial) says I am in position 1.
So if anyone could confirm that amount of searches that would be appreciated. That was problem one. Serp rank isn't a big deal because it will vary over time during progression.

My second problem is under google analytics, my site shows no % of progression either up or down, and there are 5 other sites on my account that show correctly. I've double and triple checked the info and nothing is wrong.

My third problem is backlinks, I have multiple alexa and yahoo backlinks but no google backlinks when I am positive that I should. I've used multiple checkers to find which ones I have and many are content related, high pr, low obl and I am the only link on some, so I don't know why I don't have any google backlinks.

If you have any suggestion other than my problems I am always open to learning and change.

If this wasn't the right place to post I'm sorry about that, I didn't see a place specifically for problems off the bat, just general discussion and specific areas.

url: www(dot)gelatosundae(dot)net

No one as any ideas on any of these problems?

You need to get in position 3 or higher on google to start seeing the traffic heading your way.

Just because you conclude the search engine should deliver a quantity of "qualified traffic" to your web pages doesn't mean it should or that it will. The search engine may provide you an indication of what may occur in the event it deems your web page of any value.

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