Hello Everyone,

I have a website created by some specialists. Well I think that these professional website developers stiffed me. I mean, the website to create was quiet expensive, but it doesn't really work. They made a quiet good work though, the SEO of the site is critical I think. The site is about 1 and a half year old now. It has got 881 European festivals, 9300 events at 3614 venues uploaded on it. Well this is a nice number of content in my opinion, and the website structure is well-planned.

The problem is that I only have daily 20 visitors at all. It has been stagnating for a year from now...

What could be the problem?

The website: www.facetivals.com

If you have any useful ideas, please share it with me. I feel a bit desperate.

Thanks in advance,

Tibor M.

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I looked at your site, just for my personal intrest, how much did you payed for it ?

No matter how well SEO'd your website is, you still need to gather quality links from relevant sites, if that wasn't part of the SEO package. I checked your backlinks and I see a multitude of links from the same site (although the links no longer work and might have been removed recently). If those were sitewide links in a footer or sidebar it can cause a problem for ranking as it looks like a paid link. Being as those links no longer work you are now short a great portion of your links. Also there is a blog that is linking to your website with an image (doesn't help ranking) and again this is a multitude of links. So it may help if you find better quality links and concentrate on one per website.

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Well, just for the site.. I mean the design and programming I paid €9000.

Well, just for the site.. I mean the design and programming I paid €9000.

That's not bad. In fact, that's cheap. I wouldn't do that for 9k

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