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I actually searched the web and found an article posted in 2007 (albeit this is old news) about Keyword Flipping because I became curious why even Dani haven't heard of it (I consider her quite knowledgeable in SEO based on her/their job in making Daniweb to be nicely indexed by Google).

The conclusion is that "Keyword Flipping is a quick & easy way to find out & isolate your highest performing & highest traffic keywords then refine them further without wasting time optimising keywords that won’t perform."

Here's the link w ww(dot)earners blog(dot)com/adwords-keyword-flipping/

I suppose this might help a bit, but I'll try and look for more just so I learn something "New" (for me, at least...)

Have a nice day! :)


Thanks Jovy...

I also didnt heard about this term. Now this thing also included in my SEO knowlwdge.


Keyword Flipping is perfect for Affiliate Marketers and also people running Multiple PPC campaigns at once. It allows you to set up Campaigns quicker, analyze your results quicker then make the necessary optimization tweaks to increase your CTR once you know what’s already working.



In case of keyword flipping we choose the keywords related to our targeted one like if we are using software development then we have to target cheap software development, affordable software development, cost effective software development etc


I am not satified with your answers , because i thing this is not keyword flipping


RickyChhajed is right i study about keyword flipping.It mainly use for PPC.Keyword Flipping basically allows you to test lots of targeted keywords at once then pick the initial performers out & create a more targeted adgroup. Thus further increasing the CTR & reducing the cost we pay per click.


yes keyword flippping use in PPC to increase the CTR and decrease the CPC , this is the main function of keyword flipping


Thanks Jovy for sharing your knowledge. Keyword flipping i have listened for the first time and now wanted to know the differnce between Keyword stuffing and keyword flipping.


Keyword Flipping a altogether a new term I had ever heard...still it adds to my knowledge ... Thanks


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hi everone i am new in internet marketing and i did not know about Keywords Flpping ??? but jovy_WOG is right ???


I would like to thanks for sharing the new informarion for me i really don't know about keyword flipping thanks once agiain to all forum members for sharing your views.

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