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I would think a simple answer may be to craft your web pages and their content to revolve around important keyword phrases that you want the search engines to notice.


Design and the content of your website plays a very important role in getting your website on the top of Google.


Unique Title and description and use submission guidelines. i think is the best way get good ranking in google for your website.


Hi Daniel:

Um.... um.... um.... That is like asking a doctor to explain anatomy in three easy lessons.

First, you need to do your keyword research.
Then you need to do your on-page SEO
Then you need to do your off-page SEO and keep on doing your off-page SEO until you close your web site.
You need to run analytics, measure performance, and tweak as needed.

First page is NOT guaranteed.

Good luck.



Do onpage activites in ethical way & start building quality backlinks from high page rank & domain autority will help you to get good ranking on search engine.


Make website seo friendly, do proper on-page activity with good metas & alt image, always use fresh content for ur website & Seo promotion, get quality backlinks, fellow these simple step ^& be the no.1 at google search

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