We have a website. We use datafeed for uploading the products. We have different colours for the same product, viz., purple, black and red. While uploading these products, I get urls - meaning three pages - for the same product with colour as the only variation. Between these three pages, the only content that is different is the colour. The contents are only 1% unique. I believe this is duplicate content.

Now, we have worked on this issue. We were able to bring all colours of the same product into one url and the colours are now available in a drop down menu. Though we have done this, we were not able to remove it entirely. The three urls for the same product still exist in the Database, though it is not visible to visitors. It does not show anywhere in the sitemap though. But when we search for the product with colour, the hidden url shows up. Is this also considered as duplicate content.

I have checked the website in virante dot org. It says there is no duplicate content.

I request some experts help in this.

Thanks in Advance.

Content is king of webite,you need to crate qulity content for site.Dublicat content is ban for your website.

You did not understand my question. I know how the issue of duplicate contents would affect your website. I just asked whether the scenario above amounts to duplicate content. Please don't give generic reply.

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