Before I joined our online marketing team was quite stupid. Once they got an article they use to randomly submit it everywhere. sometimes twice on the same site due to lack of cordination between the subordinates. I really worked hard and analysed the duplicate content sources. I want to remove this duplicate content asap. As this content is shared on article sites so we dont have any copyright. And the the team members who were working earlier on the inhouse project moved to some other companies. Thus, no accesss to login details. To make the issue worse there are few philippine companies who are using our content as if it was their copyrighted material.

Please guide me further on how shall i remove this content asap and what shall be my approach?

This thread is almost 5 days old now and no one has answered my query? Please help me...

You have to contact those website owner and say to remove your content, if they don't do then report it to web hosting provider of that site...

Thanks you ProSence! I had an idea about contacting the webmaster but no idea about contacting webhosting providers.

I think your idea would defininately will help me.

Send a mail to them via contact us page.