I have classic page with 5-6 pages, some photos, contact.. I have been on first page in search for few years. Now I update my page (added new language, so urls change from .cz/aaa to .cz/cs/aaa and .cz/pl/aaa)
After I did it, google deleted me from search.

In webmastertools I have no errors, but index = 0.

What Can I do now? Can I test or do somethink, or I must wait?


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Submitt your page on different directories , post it in yahoo answers , spreat it on social site , it may indexed that day of your submission

Open webmaster tools and submit new url in Fetch as Google, it will automatically index your new page....happy fetching

i think you have face the problem of Language changes. Google unable to change the url languages which your have used before. after the change of URL your all previous work and efforts are lost and you may need to start with begning.

Hello mommek,

Welcome to DaniWeb. I think you have a small yet painful underlying problem. First it is good that they removed the old pages very quickly - thats good because it means that they (Google) are crawling your website on a frequent basis.

Now as of for why you are no longer ranked. By changing your directory structure (which you did) you basically did the equivilent of creating brand new pages. These will take some time to rank. In order to help you get back on track my first suggestions would be:
1. Make sure your sitemap is updated and submitted to Google. This will tell them the location of the pages, the importance and when they were last updated.
2. Do a site:www.yoururl.com search of your domain to see what has actually been indexed by Google (Google webmaster and analytics is 3 days+ behind on reporting)
3. Check your web host's logs to find out where your traffic is landing, use 301 redirects to your new pages
4. Make sure that your robots.txt isn't blocking anything important or anything you don't want blocked
5. Update all your backlinks to point to the new URL pages of your website
6. Make sure your pages/urls are search engine friendly.

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