Hi guys

About 4 years ago I posted a question on this forum asking "Can you really make money from Adsense?"

Well that thread is still going strong but I thought I would just give you the answer to my own question.


Over the years I have litterally studied how to make money with Adsense which also ended up helping earn me earn money with most programs.

The Key to Making Money with Adsense

When I first started to try and make money with Adsense I sometimes lost enthusiasm because it was just taking so long to succeed.

Great Content

Luckily I tried to produce great content right from the beginning and really did not know any different.


I realized that great content was GREAT but was not going to help the most people find my site. Yes I got random lucky traffic, but when I discovered SEO, that was a different story. SEO changed my life because not only did Adsense pay more for the right keywords, the search engines gave me more targeted traffic if I optimized correctly.

I have a free PDF report about SEO here. No signup or gimmick, yours to read now.

Targeted Traffic

In the beginning I thought that you just needed heaps of traffic to make more money with Adsense but I was wrong!!!!
Find out what promotions make your Adsense income go up and just repeat that. I have certain websites I guest post on or syndicate on and they directly increase my earnings. I can tell when I have been published on their blogs. Why bother with the rest??

Keep Your Traffic

It is hard to get the right traffic so you should try and get the most out of them. Get your traffic to make a connection with you so that they can return. Some people get them to sign up for an email list and others get them to join a club.
Another great tip is to always do internal linking to other relevant articles. This gives you more chance of them clicking before they leave.


Don't just sit there and not test your ads!!! Move them, change sizes, colors, etc.. I have skyrocketed my earnings by doing this. It felt like winning lotto! BUT...

Record All Changes

Along the way I have made huge mistakes by testing and changing things so much that I would lose most of my earnings. I would then scramble to put it all back but often could not remember what changes I had made.

How I Made Thousands of Dollars Using Adsense

I followed the above steps and just never stopped! Don't let it get you down because even if you see a small growth you know something is happening and growth is the right direction.

Now I not only make money online, I help others build websites that make money.

Well I was thinking that now I should try to get some money with adsense but was afraid if my site went down as its my first blogging site ever now after reading your thread I think I should try this as your four years experience now work for me.

It is true that we can more earn from Google adsense. But we need hard work for earning from Google.

Traffic gaining on a website is an art, you can apply your thought for gaining of traffic.

you are awesome man.

Yes with Google Ad sense you can make money one of the interesting feature that it offers is the use of Google search box technology. It is easy to add this feature to your website and with this visitor will stay longer at your website. Moreover it will also encourage them to return to your site again. I have added this feature in my blog and it has resulted in more traffic. It is easy to get money with Ad sense if you have lots of content and lots of traffic.

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