My website is company landing page. >100user per day, but when i add Google adsense show notication about content, please help me about this.
my website
THX all

Sorry, I have absolutely no clue what you're trying to ask. Are you saying that you applied for a Google AdSense account but got denied even though you meet their minimum traffic requirements? I tried clicking your link but I can't even get the darn page to load.

According to me your wbeiste is based on your job profile. Google adsence approved the wbsite which have blog and informative content. only a website with business information is not applicable to join Adsence.

To be eligible for adsense you need to have a certain amount of content per page, have a domain a certain age, etc. See the requirements Here

If they sent you a notification or you are seeing a notification about content then you need to focus on providing more quality for your visitors.

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