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Face you can create business page, daily wall post, create groups & events, create notes, new apps, track your visitors, count your lead etc and many more option avelable in FB.

Facebook is one of the best resource of internet marketing...By this we can promote our business, increase our website visitors which leads to increase our business revenue...Facebook is very familiar to do SEO easily...that's why all are using the Facebook in SEO...

Facebook is one of biggest source for referral traffi but i don't think that it's known for seo

Facebbok is the best Socia Media site.This site is best for making the sites promotion and driving more traffic, so that's why mostly SEO use the facebook and give more importance to this site.

Facebook is good but not good as you guys talking here. I have three fan pages and getting good hits and that too only on Facebook, once in a month 2-8 visitors visit the website from FB. I get more visitors through google. Facebook is good until you entertain your friends and if you come to business, only few will follow you and that makes you feel discourage. I still use Facebook fan page and the visitor % goes down a lot to -47%. Though I regularly manage content and promote them. Facebook is good but do not help all businesses.

Facebook is good popular social networking website. miallion users on the facebook. Here we can get more option for our business promotion.

Facebook is for SMO and promoting a site on Facebook with creating a Fan Page gets better results, popularity and traffic for a site.

share in facebook its very nice for increase your website traffic. but other site are good too.

oh man. Good facebookers' are necessarily search engine optimisers. Facebook pages are mostly intended to interact with potential customers and often lead them to a telephone number or web page. Facebook indeed can drive some targeted traffic to web pages directly, SEO in the same way drives it from the results pages. How Facebook influences positioning in search engine rankings is coincidental.

Search engine optimisation is a field of Internet marketing in the same way Banner Ads are and Social mediasts are and ad managers; all various disciplinbes of Internet marketing, closely related but distinctively separate.

Although Social media triggers can positively boost rankings in the search engine results pages, it is not SEO. It may influence SEO.

Million of users visit the Facebook daily which help you to recognize your brands and according to the statistics approximately 0.35% weightage is given to the facebook shares by the search engine

Facebook is currently going on peak nowdays as the number of members are very high thats why its gives a best and quick results when we try to advertise or trying to promote our site on this social site.

agree with you.... using facebook... you can grab good traffic from worldwide.

It's true... you can bring good traffic from worldwide & this method help you improve your alexa rank.

But real product buyer not sure..

Because of it's popularity. Million users use facebook and facebook has become very big social media hub.

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