Once time i was reading SEO news and that time i heard about Cybersquatting but i didn't get much information. So please if anybody knows about cybersquatting then let me know about everything. How to works in SEO, benefits, etc.

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Cybersquatting is registering of domains with keywords that are popular and related to trademarks, brands, celebrities or other notable content. Cybersquatters claim these domains and try to sell them at later date to the actual owner

I have to think that this practice is getting harder and harder. Having said that, there are people who raked in a lot of money doing this in days gone by. I seem to remember that the pizza.com domain sold for an ungodly sum.

Cybersquatting, also known as “domain squatting,” is a practice that has gained an incredible amount of volume in the past two decades with the rise of the Internet. In the United States, cyber-squatting is considered illegal.

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