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Start the Proper SEO procedure. It helps you out to increase page rank and traffic.

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Thanks for reply . dreamcyberdci i have already applied seo procedure. But still having page rank 4.

You can increase the traffic using social media in smart way and page rank will automaticaaly increased.


Include useful high-quality information on your site,Submit your site to various web directories and reference sites,Publicize your site to everyone with whom you communicate,Ask other high-quality websites to link to your website.By following the above mentioned steps you can achieve good results.


You should mentain good quality links, Submission to Directories, Articles, Press release, Social Bookmarking... will help increasing your site Page Rank.
Thank you all.


For increasing the page rank the SEO policy is ever best method for all the webpages.There
are different strategues that SEO adopt for the high rank of your webpage.



Work with all off page and on page SEO techniques, but make sure you make relevant and quality backlinks. You can also take advantage of guest blogging, this is a nice wat to build quality link as well as brand value/individual value.

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Hi,To increase the Page Rank of Website:
1) Get the quality back-links.
2) Make your site look attractive and simple.
3) Content is king create unique, high quality content and publish frequently.
4) Link to authoritative sources in your posts.
5) Provide RSS feeds for subscribers.
RSS (Rich Site Summary or really simple syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.
6) SEO Methods are best for the Page Ranking.
8) Assign appropriate categories and tag your posts with care.
9) Create newsletters and/or ebooks for your subscribers.

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