I have a blog with very good keywords,but they are not paperclick. how can I optimize seo quickly? there has to be something out there.does any know how about robots and spiders? how quickly can they produce traffic?

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Robots and spiders visit your site if they pick up new content. So start writing more on your blog and optimize on keywords that you think are related to the theme of your blog and that you think will convert visitors to:
1. spend time on your blog
2. convert to come back
3. convert what ever other goal you have on your site

should I just change the text and keep my title and all?

do some backlink work for your blog and update it regularly the content should be fresh and attractive for visitors

thanx to all!

1, do it forum posting of your blog
2. blog commenting in do follow blogs
3. do it social bookmarking
4. do it directory submission

Well, you can do every meantioned above methods, but do it manually. Dont try any softwares because it will be considering as a spamming.

And remember that content is the King! Especailly if you are running a blog. Try to update it a least once per week. Content obviously should be keywords rich.

Best of luck!

Make your blog title more relevant to your content. Also submit your blog on blog directories and use social media to promote your blog and to get traffic.

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