A question came up yesterday in the office as to whether Facebook feeds were indexed by Google? Moreover, if content is published to a Facebook fan page and subsequently posted somewhere elseweb, is it possible for the elseweb site to get the credit (and not have a duplicate content penalty), or is Facebook always going to get the credit because of it's clout?

Facebook Pages are indeed indexed by Google, and from what I have heard, since Facebook has such high clout on Google, is very useful for SEO purposes. This includes "tagging" of other pages, which appears also to play a role in Google rankings.

Though I have not looked into it, I would suspect that content posted on Facebook would not be viewed as a duplicate, from the Facebook generated title along with the other Facebook unique markups, I believe it would be considered unique content, for all intents and purposes.

Hi, thank you for your reply. My question was actually the opposite, however. If I were to post something to a Facebook fan page first, and subsequently post the same thing to my own blog, would my blog rank or would Facebook always win out?

Also, what if I were to use rel="me" on my blog to point to my Facebook page, indicating that it is my own FB page.

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