How can we know this is good directory !

Ist Google PR !
Ist High Search Engine Ranking !
Ist the age of the website !


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I guess now a days only people look at the PR Dude .. the high the PR more likely that directory get more submissions..


better to check for traffic using alexa toolbar or other Seo toolbar which includes it. PR could be gone in a few monthes.

even so.. if you got a good category in some directory
and you dont overdo it.. register. it wont hurt


Good Directories not the high PR and not high traffic.
Many directories high PR but its empty no contents .
Alexa toolbar will show the traffic stats. But will never inform us about
the directory index.
The Good directory is the one allows us to get links to the best information
resources which we are searching for.

Best Regards


true.. but that usually goes 2ghter..
i mean traffic and content.. otherwise ..hmm where does the traffic comes from?

anyhow the seoquake toolbar should give you all the parameters
meaning page count and traffic along with other stats on the
directory or any other website.


follow directory which gives fast approval and also submit in dofollow directories. check their PR(Home Page) should be 3+.


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( check Alexa ranking and PR of Directory )
No not all . Alexa ranking is very high for some free directories esp
the one on the free list and some PR 4 - 5 but nothing index.
Whats the good on that ?
When you visit any website you need information , do you think an empty high
PR directory will support you for what you search !

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