That is great news, thank you.

Further good news, hadn't thought of it this way
Taxi drivers know everything that happens in a town
When you tell a taxi driver at any airport, you dropped your laptop on the plane,
he knows, or the radio guy knows a place, where you can get it fixed at 9 in time for a 10am lecture
your store, the taxis know about it.
word of mouth advertising can't get better

It ia a way to gain quality one way incoming backlinks. Higher the quality of the backlinks better will be the search engine rankings and internet visibility.

During few days I'm going to disavow a big list of directory submission sites that was good in previous time through Google's eye. I saw some of them are still good for me. So, I can say high quality directory list still very useful for us.

Well, @pixelatedkarma this has started given me a shock I think I need to think again about the web directories !

Its still effective way to get the backlinks for your site but done in keeping the rules in mind.

Well @Sanjeev Sunweb I don't know about any rules with directory submission can you explain it a bit more, so I can get a clear idea about the rules you are talking about. I wonder what may be the rules while moving forward with the directory submission.

I'm assuming google's 101 how google calls the web is the rules

commented: There should be a post over this forum with the title "GOOGLE 101: Rules for directory submission" :P +3

People need to use "common sense" when submitting to directories (I know, I know - common sense is not all that common but stick with me for a minute). There really are no rules because every niche of every business which is online is slightly different. When you look at why directories went from being the go-to back in the early 2000s for inbound links to being frowned upon its because people over did it much like how in 2014 people are now over doing guest blogging to the point Google is now frowning upon it. Anyone who has been online for any decent amount of time can probably label off more then a handful of directories that looked like they were built in an hour using homestead's old website builder - these are not directories you want your brand associated with. If the directory looks like a spam directory; its probably going to hurt your website. If however the directory is a reputable directory relevant to the content of your website then that link is going to help you.

Some quick rules of thumb:
* Only submit to a directory and/or directory categorys which match the content of your website (ie. a web design directory for a web design website)
* Favor submitting to directories which are local to your target market places
* Favor government and educational directories if applicable, but keep it relevant to your niche
* ONLY submit to directories with a mozRank & mozTrust higher then or equal to your website
* If it looks like spam, it probably is spam
* Remember it is always easier to build a link then to remove a link
* Ask yourself, is this the kind of website my competitors on the top of the SERPs would submit their site to? If the answer is no, then find the next directory.

Remember, your goal as an internet marketer end of the day is to make a memorable trusted brand. A recent statistic I saw earlier this week is over 35% of people in the US will blindly buy an Apple product regardless of its quality and just on the merit of it having their logo. This is because Apple has built a brand which consumers trust. If you are building a website, you want a site that people are going to trust and one that keeps visitors returning - your goal is to be the online version of Apple in your visitor's eyes. A great rhetorical question is do you see Apple distributing their products through no-name stores? Not usually, generally they are distributing through other well known and trusted brands (Best Buy for example); this is because if the people who are shopping at Best Buy trust Best Buy...they're going to be more likely to trust and buy the various products within those stores. It's what we call a trust cycle. You trust them and because we are linked to them, you'll trust us.

Now if you apply this theory to directory submission and the directory is trusted (for example the level of trust that Yahoo has built since the 90s with its users); being listed as a go-to resource within their directory should help to give you credibility which in turn helps meet your end objectives of building visitor count, reducing bounce rates and seeing larger return visitors. The opposite effect is true if your website is constantly listed with low end no-name brands that people don't trust.

I feel, it is still a gud technique for improving page rank, i am getting lot of help from it.......

I don't do web directory submissions any more. Free web directories are often spammed to death. I have tested those free ones, out of 100 directories, around 10 or less accepted my website url, but then very quickly they removed my site to make room for the upcoming submissions. Trust me, it's not worth your time & effort.

Actually, Directory submission was once very effective. As the old trends have been mow replaced, submitting sites to the directories will not increase the rank.
Hence, it is better do other techniques which improves user interaction and satisfaction are much better.

Directory submission is initial stage SEO but if we DA, PA, Rank and quality meta submission in proper category in limit. I am sure this is beneficail.

DA, PA???

Domain Authority and Page Authority. That said, doesn't make the posting any more understandable the way it is written.

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