you can get backlinks from directory submission

Directory Submission is a good technique of off page optimization in SEO for getting quality backlinks.It should be done in high page rank website.

Directory submission is good , if it is paid , then you will get link instantily and it work for your website .

i think directory are helpful to get the index fast only in my opinion otherwise links from directory helpful if directory sites with the high pr

other off page activity are as useful s the directory such as the article,blogs,business listing,forum posting,guwst blogging etc

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Directory Submission is very Good things for Getting backlinks but it take long time for approval so,also try another off page SEO strategies for SEO.

actually directory submission are help to spread the domain to the web so that google index it easily and make it visible on search and yes directory also provide the back links

Well, tell you what directory submission is bit more outdated technique, I don't think that directory submissions are helpful anymore, Yahoo directory and DMOZ directory submission are just enough.

It has both yes and no answer. High reputed and high PR directories are still effective for SEO. On the other hand low quality directories can affect your SEO result.

Now a days directory submission does not help your site to get rank. Go for the high PR web 2.0, blogs, forums, blog commenting etc.

hi,directory submmition is basically submittion of own websites on directory submmition sites.
steps of directory submmition.
go to directory submittion sites.
choose categories
sub categories
enter your link

Only few high pr directories are available which is a little effective.Better not to concentrate on directory submission as of now since google jas penalized many directories.

Directories still have their places. But you should be verifying that:
1) its a follow link that they give you (nofollow links wont really help you)
2) its relevant to your website in a category thats relevant
3) that the website has high google PR and DA

And @Dani; Yahoo, moz, and government directories just to name acouple still worth going for.

Only high PR and do follow directory will be helpful for back link generation. Directory submission is not so good now a days.
Try to other method for link building that will help you.

Now it would be spam linking.. But you can try high PR directories with dofollow.

Directory submission is dead, now a days.

@biometric Google's last local search update actually made being listed in appropriate directories a very crucial part of seo. However spamming directories like the old days is definitely dead.

Now a days Directory Submission are usseless one, I am not Goes with this strategies, I am following infor graphics submission and guest blogging and forum posting methods only

Find high PR directories PR should be 5 plus and submit your just one link.

@thefasninja1 Well, how can you came over to this point what if I say no there's is no need of directory submission other than Yahoo and DMoz directory listing? I have seen a number of dierectories owner taking their directories down because webmasters have started getting rude on them by sending an email to take those links down.

Directory submission is as good until you are doing in related niche and to only few well ranked directories.

Now these days there are lots of spam directories with fake page rank. So, no need to do submission in all of them. Try only doing Quality Directory Submission not Bulk Directory Submission.

Matt Cutts of Google spam said Yahoo directory is a good directory. It costs $300 a year, however. Best of the Web is another good one. They have a half-price sale the Monday after American Thanksgiving. $150 for a life-time listing. I think that is a good value. Dmoz is good but hard to get into. There are some good free directories. and are two examples. Spammy, low-ranking directories will hurt your ranking so be careful what you sign up for. Sometimes bad, low-ranking directories will often ignore your request for removal and can be problematic. You'll end up having to disavow them.

Free local business directories are good for helping your local search citations (Google plus on the map). Sign up for Local Google plus and Bing pages as a start.

At the link below are some good examples of free local directories. The source is Woorank which is reputable.

Or if you're from Canada here is another list of free directories from Woorank:

Good links to have are from Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

Put good content on your website to get links. Start a blog and write about your subject matter and people will link to your content.

I hope that is helpful for a start. This is a subject I'm fascinated with, so I really enjoy the discussion.

commented: keepin it local and relevant, great idea +13

+1 CathiedSquared: not just because I am a customer, I get to Calgary maybe once
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Keep it closely related, geographically to the area you service, or
keep it closely related, topically, the the subject you service
and the linkage is positive
generic directories are link farms, dead
Paid directories, 0 or less,
Trade directories specific to the business of the site, better
We are mostly linked from local government directories, "municipalty of the county of" in the areas we serve.
that have no money making interest in the linkage, only a local area service: they have a huge result.

Google 101, how google searches the web, gives current reasons, every time the algorithms change
Google Webmaster Tools, gives current site-specific personal instructions, every time the algorithms change

Just to add one thing, yahoo does offer free listings if you can prove you are running a website for a non-profit, as a hobby, etc. Also they will give you a free listing if the site is local for a small business and in the US but it's a bit difficult to go that route without jumping through a few hoops.

Thank you so much, almostbob, for the feedback on the laptop repair. How did you know it was me?

What do you mean about the 0 paid directories? Do you mean not to do directories that rank pr0 or less?

I agree with you, but don't know anything about the local government directories or site-specific personal instructions for algorithm changes (where is that in Webmaster Tools?). Also PixelatedKarma I didn't realize Yahoo directories were free for small businesses in the US. How do manage that? What about Canada?

Paid directory services have zero or lower link value
"Give me money and I will tell people you are good" is a conflict of interest, google rank those down
Local Municipalities usually have a registration list, of local business, that hits well for "computer repairs in Calgary" searches
Do you think a middle aged man, would not remember meeting you

@cathiedsquared - Unfortunately yahoo doesn't do anything for Canadian or UK small businesses, for free anyways. However the good news is it is a lot easier for Canadian and UK based businesses to get listed in government directories - which from our past experiences carry a bit more weight in the SERPs then yahoo.

As for going about getting the free listing, when signing up on yahoo directory there is a super small "fine print" link if you run a hobby or not for profit site which provides a free listing. However if yahoo suspects you are monetizing the site, providing a product or service; then they will pull your listing unless you pay the annual fee.

Now if you are a small US based business and you can provide proof of a physical US address there is a back door through submitting your website through yahoo's small business portal, which is free and lists you in yahoo's main directory.

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directory submission is still effective but don't rely on that is not going to help you in big way

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