can any one help me how i get lot of visitor towards my sites which are real and quality full visitor any one

build high quality backlinks, add good quality contents , work on social media sharing...

Use social media sites for driving traffic on your site and also do link building .

Glenn Verdult here...
thanks for posting this, I was wondering the same.

Quality link building
directory submission
articles submission
forums posting
blog commenting
social media optimization
search engine marketing
social media management

Try do develop unnique content for your site and also try to do social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting and SMO for your website you can definetly get lot of visitors.

Good contents will drive traffics/visitors to your site automatically.

Also, try doing affiliation with other sites... maybe that will help... i don't think anyone has mentioned it either.

Do social media work like facebook, twitter, linkedin, social bookmarking etc to increase site traffic.

Try Adword, bing ads, buy sell ads, guest blogging

You will get visitor using Off page activites like Bookmarking, Blog & Forum Posting, Directory Submission.

Google Adword is the best way of lot of visitors.

twitter and pinterest can bring lot of visitors.

You have to do quality work for your site.

Building backlinking.
Social media posting
Article submission
Forum Posting

If you want a traffic on your site do SEO for your site. SEO process will boot traffic of your site.

Social Media Optimizition is perfect source of getting more visitors in whcih facebook and twitter are best SMO sites.

Everyone on the web is suffering for getting more and more traffic on his or her site, But nowadays it is becoming more dificult task to drivs e traffic form search engines with desired quries. Now you have to do quality work to inspire your reader and visitiors to click on your site and spend some time with you.Just write quality content for your site and reader, which is informational and can helpful for them in their problems.

You can bring visitors by facebook, twitter and google plus
These are the best methods to bring traffic to site.

Follow the all SEO rules like forum,posting articles,guest posting,manintaining quality content

You want a lot of visitors? Don't we all :)

Doesn't happen without a lot of hard work I'm afraid.

For this you have to do seo of your website or page with proper keywords...
And for this you must consult with a good company which provides seo...

SEO is a best way to generate a visitors. but you should aware with ethical way in the SEO. Please follow google algorithm.

Article Submissions is the best way of lot of visitors..

You need to do SEO and you can get lot of organic traffic.........

Hey for this you must do the seo of your website....
So that it will get higher rank on the google which will help you in getting more and more visitors on your site...