Do you know What's a proper keyword density?

there should not be more than 3% to 4% keywords of the total content.

Good SEO content writing is not about density. Keyphrases may appear in paragraph content as a natural result from the writing process itself, or they may not.

Agree with @canadafred , In my opinion it should be around 2-3%

Keyword dentity is count of keyword usage.

it should be between 2-3% but remember the keywords should be used relevantly not just stuffed in to the text.

2-3% per 100 words

Thanks for posting the nice post.

Keyword dinsity is depends on size of post there are some tools available which will tell you exact number.

Perhaps it's because I run a user-generated content site where I have no control over what people say, but I put no effort into keyword density :) I think if it looks like you're trying to hard, you're just screwing yourself over in the end.

2-3 keywords per 100 words.

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