Hello Friend,

Kindly suggest me one thing that the traffic came from PPC ads on a site is beneficial for a site in organic seo ?
Please let me know your verified reviews.

Looking for your earlier reply.


Hi , PPC ads is used for the lead generation on your business , PPC also helps in orgranic seo .


Thank you so much for your opinion. But can we filter that traffic I mean to say that can I see PPC traffic and organic SEO traffic separately ?


Not like that, PPC traffic something differ from organic traffic.

PPC ads do not affect your organic rankings other than your organic rankings will not be seen on a results page that also displays your ad. In other words, on a search engine results page, you won't have both an organic and a PPC ad for the same destination URL, hypothetically.

Perhaps, google give the priority for who spent the money at PPC.

No, PPC traffic is not helps in organic SEO. PPC and SEO both are different. SEO means search engine optimization and PPC means pay per click it comes in search engine marketing.

Yes to some instinct we can say yes,

I say no. PPC and Organic SEO are different techniques.

It is ful natural methods to get the traffic.

Nooo......Organi traffic means the traffic comes through natural result not by using paid ads like pay per click,pay per impression,banners ads etc.

No traffic generated from ppc is not the organic traffic.