Hello everyone,

I am having a weird problem with Bing keyword tool and Bing webmaster tools too. I simply can't loging there - all I see is a blank page. I can open both on my smartphone but even there the page loses part of its functionality and I can't use it. I wanted to experiment with Bing PPC but I just can't login, which is kind of silly problem.

Anyone has same problem? I am using Windows 7 + Chrome (also Firefox).


Sounds like a glitch on your end, did you try deleting cookies and cache?

delete your cookies & cashe...then restart your PC/LT then i blieve that will solve the problem...

yes, it must not happpen at all .it seems to be problem with your browser just check it out .

I switched browsers and logged in with no problem.I am now dumping my first browsers cookies and cache. I need my ad stats fo my site.

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