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What is your opinion on Link Exchange..? Please Share your valuable ideas...!

Link exchanges are generally grey hat SEO, automated ones are black hat.

Link exchange is not only part of Black hat SEO.It is also in white hat and gray hat SEO.
Link exchange is a method of trading links with other web sites that means exchanging the url between two websites.

Link Exchange is a great method to share link between two parties at Free of Cost & it's also good way to increase backlinks towards your site.

long process to get backlinks, but can high page rank links.

Link exchange is not a correct technique of SEO. Link exchange is not a part o white-hat seo.

Yes link exchange is a black hat seo technique. If you doing link exchange then its bad for your website. So doing always white hat seo.

I am fresher for seo techniques but i know about link exchange techniques, it is not a part of white-hat seo.

Link Exchange is not a Black Hat SEO. Its a grey Hat SEO method.

Link exchange also vey useful in SEO for generating page rank and backink.

link exchange is not black hat SEO technique,it is valuable if you exchange link with relevant website, that had good page rank.

Link exchange is in black hat type now a days as that also one kind of trading links.

dear it is not black hat but u know mostly it doesn't benefits you... it depends on the nature of the site you are going to exchange.

Exchanging Link (Reciprocal) will demote your site rankings. Build links in natural ways like Content creation.

It is not a part of black hat seo but it is not benificial.

why to go for link exchange. go the right way. it will take some time but it is controllable. always check for the backlink graph. graph goes down freeze the referring domains and increase likning. while in link exchange it might not be so controllable. As soon as the pr will go up it may come down with the same speed.

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