Social bookmarking is a internet based centralized service, where we can post our website or business details into that bookmarking site...Daily many visitors should visit to that bookmarking site, which leads to a chance to promote our business among through to reach the potential customers of our business.

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Social bookmarking is really helpful for getting ranking on your website's keyword.
Delicious, reditt, Digg and stumble upon are the best social bookmarking sites.

Trough Social bookmarking we can promote our brand also by creating profile on it. Its really beneficial.


Atechnocrat Web Solution

Social bookmarking is used to bookmark your site in social networks. You can bookmark our site in both relevant and general social bookmarking sites. And it is a one of the way to bring traffic to your site.

social bookmarking sites display recently added lists and popular links, you can both stay current and see relevant information.Social bookmarking helps businesses include:
Building relevant incoming links
Draws visitors
Draws a lot of traffic

If an individual does not get proper benefits to their business or product than social bookmarking is the correct way to generate a huge amount of traffic into the website. It is the method for the user of the internet to store, organize, manage and search for bookmarking the resources which are available online.

You can use latest social bookmarking sites which have got special features otherwise you can try imgae bookmarking site if youre site is ecommerce one.

its a greta benefit.. you can rank but also just show more interest in your article or page, it looks like natural interest to the search engines and social signals (with no footprint) are becoming an important part of the big picture...

Social bookmarking is best way to improve ranking and traffic of any website. You can get good ranking results in search engine by doing social bookmarking of this site at high PR sites.

Should we use same title and description in all the social bookmarking site when bookmarking the same URL

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