All the below mentioned are pure black hat seo this you can't get good promotion of your business at consistently..So better to avoid these kind of spam techniques to make your business future otherwise we definitely get punishment from Google...Here i mentioned to give some awareness on spam techniques...

  1. Hidden text
  2. IP deliver
  3. 301 redirects
  4. Throw Away Domains
  5. Cloaking
  6. Paid links
  7. Keyword stuffing
  8. Automatically generated keyword pages
  9. Mispsellings
  10. Scraping
  11. Ad only pages
  12. Blog spam
  13. Duplicate content on multiple domains
  14. Domain grabbing
  15. Fake news
  16. Link farm
  17. New exploits
  18. Brand jacking
  19. Rogue bots
  20. Hidden affiliate links
  21. Doorway pages
  22. Multiple subdomains
  23. Twitter automation
  24. Deceptive headlines
  25. Google Bowling
  26. Invisible links
  27. Different content for search engines than users
  28. Hacking sites
  29. Slander link-bait
  30. Map spam

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Thanks for providing us a list. Indeed SEO techniques such as "Paid Links", "Cloaking" and "Sneaky Re-Directs" are generally considered Black Hat SEO techniques but the rest of them (that make some sense to me) are "Grey Hat SEO" and still very trendy. Personally, if I were you, I wouldn't worry so much about search engine optimization tecniques and would concern myself more with learning proper grammar.

Many newbie wants to know what they should do to get ranking after updated of Google's latest algorithms. So now here is list which will be help for them to get ranking easily because these are the things which they should avoid on any how.

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