Hi friends,

At present i am working for online shopping website, in which i want to increase the ranking for that website. Please share your ideas regarding how to incrase the ranking for that website in Google search engine.

Thank you and commnets are appriciated...!!!

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I would suggest to do article submission for more details. Even you have to submit your links in high PR website to get strong backlinks. Blog comments, forums and directory submission will be benificial to get ranked in Google or anyother search engine.

You should do SEO for your website and promote your page in all social media networks. If you do this process regularly you can easily attain your ranking.

Adapt all SEO strategies including article submission, directory submission, commenting on forums & blogs, social bookmarking and social media marketing to get good Google rank.

Forum promotions, Regular Blog posting, Yahoo Answers, Press Release, Social Promotions can help you to get Valid Page Rank from Google within 2-3 months.

Now i am doing directory submissions, social bookmarking, classified ads and forum marketing for my site regularly but still i have O page ranks. What should i want to do for increasing page rnak.

If you want to increase your website rank, then you have to apply whole-site optimization ( optimizing of all the pages - SEO friendly)

For keywords rankings..? Web 2.0's, Relevant blog comment, classified ads, social bookmarking & business listings is enough

Follow SEO Strategies, promote your sites through Social media. Share your PR News with different PR sites as well as promote your news, articles on Social sites.

  1. create new content in blogs and articles
  2. use right keywords
  3. share your content on bookmarking sites
  4. post articles in article directories
  5. add pages to your websites and use webmaster tool to fetch content from your website.
  6. promote website on social media sites.

I suggest to get better rank following:

: Traget right keywords for your business
: Target right audience and market location.
: Market with content - Blog, Article, PR site
: Go for You Tube and promote business through video.
: Facebook is the crazy platform to alive a new business..
: Social media campaign with expert

10000 visits = 100 leads/sales enjoy...

Try to get relevant backlinks from high PR websites. It helps in ranking.

I'd suggest things like concentrating your efforts on developing unique, evolving, interesting, well-written, structured content and learn how to emphasize and support your important keyword phrases. Also, deploy a powerful internal linking strategy - a menu and a few textual hyperlinks to important web pages (ie: the landing page). Learn how to optimize web page titles, naming conventions for web pages, videos and images. Work the meta description and keyword tag in the documents HEAD. On site, on page stuff is within your control so use it to your maximum advantage. Off-site ranking factors come naturally with good social media and corporate blogging components to a successful web site promotion strategy.

SPEND MONEY!!!!! Yes, find a company that with do all of what was suggested using a TEAM of specialist. Do that over & over again.

Don't buy links. This won't help you in long run.

one of the best ways are doing Guest Posting as well as try to connect people via social media sites.

You must share your website on Social Media Platforms to get high amount of traffic to your website which will help you to increase your lead generation and conversion.

You need to do ecommerce SEO optimiation, first do perfect onpage opitimization and then go for offpage and also social media too.

After the last Update of Hummingbird you have to concentrate on content more because hummingbird is all about Orginal and quality content.

You should use SEO and enhance the network settings on page

Create quality content and original content.

After the latest updates, You should go for original content. Connecting with High PR website will be the other things now.

day day updated google algorithm and follow google panda and penguin method. so i sure to increasing good and genuine bakc link

Well, e-comm sites get traffic very hard. Remember that people mostly come online to learn, not to shop. So, those who want to shop, go to big sites. How to get them to visit yours, instead one of the big cahunas? By providing them with fresh, educating content related to your market niche. And of course, distribute this content everywhere, such as article sites, pr sites, blogs, etc.. That's called a 2nd level selling.

Build Quality backlinks to your websites from related niche. Promote your websites. Lets people talk about your website online and you will be near to Google High PR.

Please share your ideas regarding how to incrase the ranking for that website in Google search engine.

For increasing the Page rank, You should connect your website with high PR websites and for gaining ranking in search engine you shoudl have unique content to get more traffic accordingly.

Content is always king .So if you want rank for your site your content should be unique .And build a strong link from .org,.edu site also from BBC and other Google Trusted sites thanks :)

Dnt play fake games, go for real.

Hello if You Want to increase our websites so you can do forum posting site.Because forum site gives a do follow links.

With the help of submissions press release, blog commenting and the bookmarking we can built quality links. In opposite we get quality back links also in which we can increase google page rank. We have to use quality content, proper keyword analysis for our site. While designing our site we must keep in the mind we follow the rules and strategies of white hat. We should promote the sites through social media sites.

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