I m with SEO, The results we get from SEO are late but they are permanent. while PPC will run only upto that time u provide money.

I thinks PPC is the best technique to boost your traffic and generate leads .You can acheieve oraganic ranking thought SEO but in PPC your U gut traffic and leads .

SEO will give you targeted buyer than PPC. Also if you have good enough budget than you can go for PPC.

In my view of point both are very important to get the traffic.

Both of them is considered as important as in fact PPC i.e Pay Per Click is the part of SEO.

but still SEO is the best thing to get results.

All the post are really effective and advantageous for beginners

Both option are good. If someone say, that seo is free...he lie:). If you count, how much time you need to do seo ... and how much will go through before you get decent traffic from seo ... then doing seo isn't so cheap ... anyway, promoting new personal blog or website with ppc is little crazy i mean... But if you do ppc for product you want to sell fast and with geo and higly targeted visitors or buyers, then ppc is definitely one of the best few ones possible way...

Both are good but there is a different ways. SEO is slow , free but long lasting,
PPC is paid, quick and its also long lasting...
both are good depends upon priorities...

Hello Friends,
SEO is best than PPC. Because It is paid advertisement and seo is relevant search which is free services by Google.

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