What you think about that how page Rank is important for search engine optimization?
is this is the cause of huge traffic ????
how i increase this ?
some ways that you know for increasing the page rank ...

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page rank is still important parameter of search engine ranking, its the valuation and reputation alocated by google. It highly depend upon the quality and quantity of link bound link to a site and also number of outgoing links from a page.

Ofcourse PR is important..To increase your site PR post good quality content in high PR article submission sites,do forum posting,submit your content under related category in directory submission..Ypu will get good backlinks, which inturn increases PR..

PR (Google PageRank) is of no value to SEO. PR0 web pages can beat PR6 webpages vying for the same competitive keyphrase. High PR may increase "traffic" because of all the escessive linking activities surrounding most high PR ranked webpages, but it is not qualified traffic insuch that human beings are not really interested in the content on the web pages themselves. It's a bit long to explain as an resp[onse to a post so I'll go away now and paint!!!

How can you say that PR is not a value for SEO? If a site has high PR that means the owner has done some SEO works, whether it's white or black hat, whether the content has good quality/not. We're talking about SEO here, not the quality of the contents.

Quality linkbacks help and time will also help! Page Rank builds with more exposure and consistent content.

page rank is so important and it plays a major role in bringing your posts on the top of the search results

Page rank is important element for boosting SERPs on the first page of the Goolge. If you want to get good page rank for your site , you should have to get links high pr site of your niche and traffic.

This is importent for you to find the your site postion in search engine you can increse it with increasing the traffic on you r site .

simply by improve your html code.

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