hello i want to promote my blog but i don't know how to promote which activities i do

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Do SEO properly onpage and off page , both.

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Do SEO and SMO For Your Blog...

ok in seo which activities i do plz tell me

Do offpage seo and smo for your blog, and update your blog regularly. But post unique articles.

You can promote your blog by publishing on highly reputed websites. You can bookmark your blog link. the content of the blog must be unique.

Submit your blog to blog directories and follow other SEO techniques as well. You should also participate in social communities to promote your blog.

Do SEO properly onpage and off page , both.

its very easy. just doing regular posting. but keep in mind that your content should bi unique and fresh. no duplicate content. you will look amazing result.

hello friends thanks for share our review your review is very useful and you know what i promote my one blog its potition is 1st now i am promoting my new blog so tell me latest technique our in seo

do good seo and get natural links for your blog

Submit your blogs in search engines. then you can also promote your blog in social networking sites, this are the main source for getting more traffic on blog.rank your blog on serach engines by using relevant keywords.

Get it indexed from major Search Egnines like Goolge, Yahoo, Bing. Then create a FB Page and a Twitter Account. Than promote your posts there and get people engaged with you blog. Do some contests and promote sometimes Products to Win for your readers. There more people you can get to read your blog, it better will come. You can also use services, to create backlinks for you. So you don't have to do all the SEO on your own. The more traffic you get, the better your ranking.

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