Hello Guys,

Can any one let me know one thing that how we can get traffic from reddit because I heard lots of people are getting good traffic from reddit. I'm trying but I failed so please give me your feedback.

Looking for your earlier positive reply.


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****Follow the simple steps to rush traffic to your site/blog:
1. Sign up to Reddit
2. Share contents from other websites
3. Read the rules of sub-reddits and avoid spamming
4. Get more up-votes and make front page of Reddit
5. Follow other Reddit users


Just bookmark you link in reddit after sign up process. So the your link visbile on Reddita and helps to get the traffic as well as boost your keyword on SERP.


First of all you need to create a complete profile of your acount and thus you can have more people coming to you as traffic.and this is a good technique.


Hello Guys

Thanks for your valuable feedback as well as opinion. Special thanks to sebastianedu for that link and petrick. Thank you so much. I'll follow those all steps.

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I have been using Reddit since a year now and I have blocked my own account many times in the initial days, but now I very confident about marketing and bringing traffic from Reddit, I have published an entire post on How to Drive Traffic from Reddit, check it out, I hope it helps.

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