Does anyone know a quick way to find do follow blogs or fourms?

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just search on google you will get huge list otherwise wait for sometime i'll share with you latest links.

are you looking this for your website promotion, to get some more back links? It is not good to use blogs and forums for your very own benefit, just for the sake of some back links. If you feel like you have something to share with the blog owner or to the members of the forums then you should use these mediums.

By the way there is no short cut to promote your website so I'll suggest you to not look for a dofollow blog or forum instead write some good articles and PR to submit to Article and PR directories, do blogging yourself etc. to promote your website.


Search from the Google it will show you the list of the Do Follow Forums and the Blogs.

Commenthunt seems to have pretty good collection of do follow blogs your can get thr!!!

It's not that hard to find dofollow forums or blogs. You can search on Google by putting the phrase : "dofollow forums or blogs"

If you ask Google about this then It will answer you well. just go to Google and type "dofollow blog list" same for the forum also "dofollow forum list"

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