Can anyone suggest me How should i increase the Do-follow backlinks to my Website?

Directory Submission will help you for increasing Do-Follow backlinks, and search blog for commenting which gives Do-Follow backlinks.


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Some Off Page Submission:

  1. Doffolow Social Bookmarking Submission
  2. Doffolow Directory Submission
  3. Dofollow Forum Posting
  4. Dofollow Article Submission

DoFollow defines links that are not modified with the "NoFollow" attribute. Learn more about what they mean for your backlinking campaign, and why they're important for ranking websites in general.

Simply first you search those websites which give you do-follow links then try to get backlinks.

do some guest blogging in websites that allow do follow signatures also you can take participate in forums which allow do follow signatures.

search on google

Use do follow back links from blogs and forums as you can find many blogs and forums which are do follow.

he proponents of the "do-follow only" camp have a pretty logical argument backing them up. In terms of SEO value ("link juice", to use the nomenclature) Google should theoretically only count do-follow links. Any link that is no-follow has a direct and clear instruction telling search engines to ignore it. Think of the rel=nofollow tag as one of those detour signs you occasionally see. The street is still there, it's just you're being told to pass by it.

No follow has its own importance to bring traffic without passing our sites Page Authorities.

An easy way of getting Do-Follow links is Social Bookmarking, Article Submission on Ezine Articles, do comment on dofollow blogs,do post in a high page rank forums using signature and use quality content and keywords properly.

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