I want to know that how to index website on a paticular keyword . so my website will show on that keyword at any place or page
and if i create web 2.0 backlinks for my website and then do social bookmarking on pligg highpage rank sites >>> if that is helpfull for my website

keyword density is key when looking at ranking for a particular keyword and also having lots of quality backlinks

Be patient in making backlinks, they must look natural .... along with backlinks try to provide quality content ...

@HostBrink.I feel that the selection of a keyword phrase is very vital before building backlinks.The keyword chosen must be of low to medium competition and have high search volume.The time frame to index a website for a keyword depends on the competition for that keyword and the number of good quality backlinks when compared with your competitiors.

use G+ to share a link, which will helps you to index within 2 seconds.

this is a method i were using for my webpages.

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You need to write good quality content around your targeted keywords and it's synonyms. Don't overuse your keywords. Try to write natural content which users like to share. Try to publish content regularly. Use social media to connect with users and share your content their. By doing this if you can inspire users to share your content on their profiles, your content get viral and you will get natural backlinks. Thus you can get your page ranked for your targeted keywords.

After create web 2.0 you should share it in different social media websites like facebook, twitter etc, you can also try to bookmark it, as a result your web 2.0 website which you want to promote it will cache by google easily.

Actually, I didn't get your point but if you are asking how to index a website url then i have something to share about. There is one way to manually index a web page. Just sign in to Google webmaster tool you will see a crawl tab in index option click on crawl and put your website url and click on fetch as Google put the remain URL well, it is the critical part put only the URL after your domain name, hope you get my point and then click on crawl only my page something like this and then you will get a message that your URL is indexed successfully...Thanks for being understanding

@Daniel 38, Yup using Webmaster Tool we can submit our URL to fetch by crawler. maybe it take time to crawl but if you wanna crawl your URL faster. we may use Social Networking site or wanna share that url on Google +.

it will crawl our site with in a minute. from WMT maybe it take a time.

have a mobile frindly website + have very good & unique content that nobody else has & have keyword rich content + url & u will rank very high in a small period of time

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