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please provide me information if i want to get my website on first page of google and the time period is 30 days then how it is possible. Please provide me the genuine tehniques.

Thanks a lot

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This looks like a copy/paste from somewhere else. Only think I'm going to say; SEO.

You could likely get any web page ranked on the first page of results within a day or two. Depends mostly on the competitiveness of the keyphrase search, but also affected by localisation of origin of the search and search personalization variations deriving from the searcher's IP address.

pay google to put your site on the first page or do an organic SEO, be smart on the keyword you will use, know your competitors, do link building, do on page optimization etc..I beleive it is posible to do it within 30 days

Don't be Spam! Always follow white hat SEO Techniques..

I think with in 30 days you cant rank your website on google first page. For gaining result you go through proper SEO technique. With Black hat SEO you can rank your website but black hat SEO is a spam technique. For using Black Hat SEO your site will get penalized by Google.
First you read all google guidlines to rank your Website.
And Do this :
On page Optimization :
1. website analysis
2. website structure optimization
3. keyword analysis
4. content optimization
5. image optimization
6. meta tag creation & optimization
7. creation of sitemap.xml
8. upload robot.txt file
9. add website in webmaster tool
10. install google analytics

off page optimization :
1. manual search engine submission
2. directory submission
3. social bookmarking
4. blog commenting
5. forum submission
6. press release
7. article submission
8. video submission
9. slide shre
10. rss feed

It is very difficult mate.
You can go for PPC it will show your website in inogranic search results.

See i can say first only that getting rank on google first page within 30 days is impossible, yes sure with spam techniques means using black hat seo you can get a ranking on first page of google. But for doing that you get penalized and your site page rank & traffic drop immediately.
So that i suggest you GO with White hat techniques,It will take time i know but the results you get will be genuine.

I think its possible but not will be permanent.If you think you need very urgent to google first page within 30 days you can follow google adwards ,that mean paid method.Otherwaise may be impossible whitehat seo/Organnic seo.Thanks

Depends on the niche you have selected and keyword competition..
With proper onpage and off page seo you can easily rank your blog with in one month (if the keyword competition is low)

Hey we can't say that which activity do who improve our serp so i want to say that do contnet marketing this activity will increase your site result.

go for on page and off page optimization , and try to attract visitirs and clicks

@OP getting a website on top of the Google in just 30days isn't possible at all ! Because if it would have then you will see a number of shops selling ranking ranking, ...lol... that's a funny question at all. As your site is new means you need to work your way slow and steadily over the top first of all head over to the Searchengineland start reading all the post over their and also subscirbe yourself over to the site updates. It's enought to help you in learning as well as keeping you updated with the change in trends ! Lastly but not that least anyone can't claim that you will rank over the serps over top in just 30 days...

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