I think few more new technique will enter in 2014 and some of old technique will die

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I still think the best way is to always have a fresh content to your site and continue to do link building.

And also get updated to the new algorithms of the search engines specially in google.


Yes, I agree with you. To succeed in 2014, we need to refresh our classic model of seo stratgey; we need an edge that is recognized by the better inteligent Google. SMO and on page parameters will play crucial role.

Yes i agree that main thing fresh content is usefull for your website link building from latest updates is use full to increase a position in SERP content marketing all use full i think

Content will be the king always

Content is above all, no doubt

You seo should work for the digital marketing strategy

Yes, I will say that content is up there in the world of SEO techniques, however I think social media networks like Google+ will take a much higher and presence / role in 2014. I recently watched / read an article from MOZ about the IdeaGraph, which in my opinion, will also play a crucial role in 2014 and the years to come:


Huming bird is a algorithem which was introduce by Google to check the long tail keywords. I will receommend you to work on short tail keywords check by keyword planner tool for traffic and location.

I agree with you. To succeed in 2014, we need to refresh our classic model of seo stratgey; we need an edge that is recognized by the better inteligent Google. SMO and on page parameters will play crucial role.

You have to understand good PR and benefit from the business of this site. Surely, being white hat and right content

Follow below and I gurantee no matter what you are in, you win:

  1. Semantic website structure(Website based on Google microdata)
  2. Deep on-page SEO
  3. Relevancy in contents
  4. Relevancy in links

Above are the factors that if any website follows, they Rock n Roll in 2-3 month no matter what!

I have used this technics to design, develop and SEO and have managed to get to top pages with very high competition websites against giant competitors.

Advice: Do NOT create links on website that you have no idea about them.

Please drop me a line if need more help

The best SEO Techniques for 2014 would be:
Focus more on Brand building and less on spammy link buildings.

we have to avoid the spams this is the new technique

There are many great tips in this thread. I totally agree with many of them actually. Content will always be the kind on internet business, especially blogging. But not just content, you should always put quality over quantity. I heard from Matt of Google, who said that the quantity of articles on your website don't guarantee your website great ranking on search engine. Focus more on creating contents that help people solve their problems.

If you can be a professional writer, then you can pick the other path. And that is to become a personal-speaking writer. This is actually more loved by audience these days.

Besides content creation, you must also focus on the promotion strategy. Try to build links on many major high authority sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Myspace, Linkedin, Yahoo Answer, Google Groups, WikiPedia and many more. Even though you'll only gain no-follow links from these sites, don't underestimate these links though. Google can see this and they help a lot in the page ranking of your site/articles.

Not to mention, your website must also have good/great branding. This has something to do with domain name. Your domain name should be easy to remember and understand. If visitors keep coming back to your site by typing your website URL in address bar, that means you've managed to build good branding to your site. And Google will take this seriously in ranking your site.

With Google maps submission, Google real auhtor verify, and Google plus shareing.
That's the best method to do 2014 SEO. The others may not effective.

Best technique are having good content, mobile compatible sites, great keywords. Learn more on SEO here ClickMinded SEO Training

I agree with Dominique_1
You cannot go wrong with good Content, mobile compatibility and great keywords. But another really big piece of the pie are Youtube Videos. Those are crazy popular these days.
All in all but I think the old go out and network with relevant people is still the best way to generate good clean traffic. After all its all about networking. I have actually built a website about my step by step to generating good quality traffic but its still in its early stages. Would be awesome to get some feedback and maybe suggestions. Let me know what you think

very informative and nice. :)

@cream mind
cool tips

Best SEO technique is not to use any black hat SEO technique

Quality content, updated constantly and promoting it in the same niche blogs/forums. Maybe it's time to do less SEO 'tricks' and get back to the basics: providing and promoting the content our readers need and appreciate.

Unique content will always win.

Yes, it's true that adding fresh content on your website is a best way but you can't only rely on content. You must do some activities that can maintain your website's authority, reputation. You can join some activities and take part in a good conversation there and share your views. with this you can maintain your profile and website reputation.

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