Recently i checked my competitor website details.I think that website is the new website.But it does not have backlinks.But now it getting the place on 1st page of Search Engine.How to ranked the new website on 1st page of search engine without backlinks?

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They might be doing 301 redirects from the old domain to the new domain. This is telling Google their site has simply moved, and it will help them for a time being. They will still need to supplement this with a constant stream of new backlinks however.

Aside from that, they might just be ranking on the 1st page for obscure keywords, or for their own company name, where there isn't much competition.

Dani is right. Without redirect, no any method avalable that get top in rank with out any back link.

Getting the top ran without Back-links is not the easy task. this may take more of time to update our website without back-links. back-links is important to index our website to the search engine. other we may increase website rank by redirecting the url as above said by @kpkarthik90

Without backlinks you can not rank your website unless your keyword has a low competitions.Even then you can rank if you can play with keywrod density..

dani is right without backlink no one go on top. he had improve his website. so may be they will rank good. so do first on page and after start off page.

I have good backlinks and i have been doing submissions to quality sites but my site is in 2nd page from long time, what else can i try to get into 1st page?

Well, I guess over here @Dani will be correct I don't think that one can rank themselves up withou the backlinks.

I don't see why you are trying to do something that is impossible. How in the world do you think that you'll be able to ourank your competitors that have accumulated a significant of back-link over a period of time while your site has none?

The website would have unique quality content and there has to be a few backlinks present in it.Because high quality backlinks with only a few can help to rank better.

301 redirection more important in SEO, becuase you will optimized your websites responsivily as far as User friendly

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I think, most improtant is good quality content. If you will post good quality content on your website then google will rank your website.

There is no way to rank on the 1st page of Google without back links. There is chance to rank for those keywords which have very low searches and low competition by improving your on page activities like Meta tags, URL Structuer, Heading tags, Content with using bold, italic keywords, breadcrumbs etc.

But for the keywords which have high competition and high searches you can never rank without back links.

Traffic is one of the scenario, places the site in first position of the search engine.

if you have a low competition you can rank on 1st page without backlinks. for this you need to publish content regularly but it takes some time. if you have a high competition its impossible according to me.

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