The company In which my friend work has asked him to investigate a few leading SEO companies in hong kong, with the intention of hiring one of them to work with them on an upcoming marketing campaign.I really appreciate if someone could recommend highly regarded (for whatever reason) company and who are genuinely achieving positive results.

I can just anticipate this discussion being a spam fest of everyone promoting their own SEO companies, which I really want to avoid.

Therefore, instead of closing it, I'm going to politely steer the discussion towards people suggesting what to look for in a good SEO company, the right questions to ask when interviewing an SEO, how to tell if a company is legit or not, etc.

Warning: Linking to individual SEO companies in this discussion will be deleted as spam ;)

simple just used google or the yahoo or the search engine that working in your counrty a lot it will tell you the good result

Hi, martin if you are looking for good SEO agencies in Hong Kong the best source to find them is google+ local business listings . Always remember the position in search ranking does not provide assurity of quality services . Check closely these informations such as - the reviews posted by other people, Correct company information, thier portfolio etc.

I personally thank to Dani for making post valuable. I understood the way of finding good professioanls in perticular region.