Is there some domains that have more weight over others ? For example, Google will rank .florist over .com as the top, if two identical domains are found ?

Google says to set the favored domain yourself
through your webmaster tools account you can program google
or MattCutts has generic and specific advice
and moz says the same

After reading some of each article, Google will rank a .com first over any other domain extension.

That is not so good news for me, as someone registered the same domain name as I had, which did not exist as a domain 1.5 yrs ago, except they registered it as .com, while I'm .ca, what confusion that will make when I will be associated with, not that there is anything wrong with religion, but a relgion based site over a start up small business, which is I, what am I suppose to do ?

Well, I would say over here no thter is no filter that google puts while ranking the domains. I would just say the .com domain is popular because its used for a while over the web while the other domains has just started to arise. So, there is no need of thinking about it that much !

@SIBERIAN: setting favored domain, only applies when both domains are the same website, nothing in those articles applies to you

Searches are content based, your content reflects how your site is indexed and how it is seen in SER
.CA is specific, and will improve your ser as ser geo-target responses

a religion site will return results for "magic invisible friend who lives in the sky and grants wishes"
the non-religion site will return results for "something that is not stupid"
and the two should not overlap

ensure your links prominantly indicate .ca to reduce mistyping when the address is entered directly

I seen some .gov and .org domains ranking better than other domains.Its maybe the quality shown from .gov and .org domains.I dont think that google would have specific preferences to certain domains.Its all about the quality which the website has.

I should have nothing to worry about, it all depends on the content ? My domain was first in Google, up until, ironically someone bought the exact same domain as I with .com as the extension. I was thinking about buying a .tv, .<something> domain to be more specific, rather then .ca. This way people wouldn't end up typing .com by mistake, they would remember, it was .<something> instead of .com or .ca which can be easily confused IMO.

try searching for your content, or the reason for your site, not your sitename, the results may be hugely different

"why does god hate me, I am insignificant and need to be punished" gets them

"why does my plumbing leak Victoria BC" gets you (just paid my plumber bill, you probably arent a plumber)

get a google webmaster tools account, and get google to give you exactly what you need to push your SER to the top
google do not publish the search algorithm
but through webmaster tools, google provide sets of personalised instructions to make your site exactly current with the search algorithm, and the instructions change when the algorithm changes
its the answer to 'how do these new sites rank so well so fast?'

read some of SEO guru CanadaFred's posts, he's spectacular on SEO and in .CA

Not to re-hash and add confusion because you have some pretty good answers already Siberian. However one weighting factor the search engines take into account is the age of domains. Your website may actually be at an advantage over that other domain for the simple fact that your domain is older and should in theory be a better resource according to the SE algorithms.

From my understand, more content will make my site, the .ca version will make it have more "weight" by google over the .com version.

It appears to me that the owner of the .com version, is not even reachable, the site is a pseduo site, makes me a little suspecious if someone had done it, out of spite towards me, yet the domain was registered on Go Daddy from Oklahoma, and I'm in Canada, unless Go Daddy is listening there offices, which are in Oklahoma ? I've owned the .ca domain for, I think it's five years, maybe more.

The .com domain was registered in May of 2013, over a year. I've contacted the owner of the site, in hopes, maybe, he would consider changing the name, as there is one other site with the same name, although not the exact domain name as mine, besides he is in another country, and I wish him only the best.

The .com version of my site with the exact same name, I am quite suspecious about, why the exact same name, I know my site needs to be back online, it has been offline for about a year, that will happen very soon,

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