if some banned by the admin at the forum site that person has links signature then after ban that link count by the google or the waste.

Depends on the forum software being used. If you study up on inbound marketing you will realize that all links (followed and nofollowed) both add weight in a search engine's eyes. A site like daniweb for example where you can get a followed link in your profile has large weight. But how does a search engine find your profile thus making the link count? It finds it by following other links within DaniWeb (ie. each time you post your username contains a followed link to your profile). The more daniweb for example, gets crawled by Google or Bing; the more links that get built to your website's followed link in your profile. Thats one of many reasons it actually pays for people to be active in online communities.

One should not aim to build forum profiles to get banned to get a no followed link; especially in larger online communities where member profiles dont get crawled very often.

Well, first of all your question isn't clear and the second thing is there are several forums who banned you down and also takes down all your posts. Now can you please be more clear and let me understand what you are seeking help on !

The structure of the question, and the lack of clarity/sense in many of them, reminds me very much of a user I recently banned here funnily enough...

And, surprise surprise, a sig link for the same company that the banned user(s) had has now appeared...

Hi happygeek, I want to know whether we can change our signatures regularly or not? if we change or replace old signatures link to new one then do we get backlinks for both old signature and new signature or is it only applicable for the present signature?

Yes you can. However, we don't show our forum signatures to members who aren't logged in...

Yes you are right kiran sharma if one have got banned due in the forum then their signature links will also be not get counted by the google.

Well, @Scotthiggins I don't think so, if you somehow got banned from the forum and still if the forum moderator doesn't removes your post, then still the links will be counted by the crawler becase the Crawler doesn't know you are banned or ..... and that's the reason why after you get banned from the forum admins remove your post over the forum. So, I guess here you are guiding @Kiran in wrong direction.

No. Google will not count the backlinks which are banned, since the spider examines the webpage for the deadlinks.