The BrightEdge study found organic search drives 51 percent of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites. and social drive only 5%. are you agree with this servay or i m waiting your valuable comments. Thanks

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I saw this on Search Engine Land this morning. I agree with the study that the average website will see far more traffic from organic search. The problem is, that looks at the average website (and who knows what their test sampling is). I have seen some websites which have below 200 SERP for every keyword yet their bulk traffic is coming from direct input because they have focused offline marketing so hard.

Then we have the stackoverflows vs the huffpost (two very different types of websites). Stackoverflow I can bet recieves 75%+ of its traffic from organic search while I bet huffpost nowadays probably recieves close to 75% of its traffic through either direct input or social media due to its focus on content marketing.

When it comes to a website, your traffic sources are always going to be dependent on your marketing focus and the relevancy of your marketing to your niche. I have touched upon this in other posts on this forum, but one thing that this study does conclude is that hail mary approaches to social media marketing are pointless and useless wastes of time.

Yes martandtech there are some situations to happen like this. When the SEO's are creating the backlinks using the social websites which are having the PR of very low then so that the traffic for the targeted website will also be very low from the social websites.

Well, I agree with the survey results as this is truth. Look what happens over here is organice search results are based on our own need. Say I am looking for a mobile application development company means if, I search it over the Google then I would be getting the results which is based over my search and I guess this is the reason what people use search engines for, and if I consider the same with say social network then why I was logged over the social media ?? I was logged to chat and socialize myself with others. This just simply means why should I tap the add of mobile application over there ?? I guess now you can get why the survey results are ....

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