is giving me error 403, for many days now. But I haven't even received an email to let me know what is happening to my reciprocal link. I'm a devoted member here and so, I deserve to know. After-all, I didn't place my reciprocal link pointing to Daniweb on a junk page.

Where has the directory been moved to without notice?

Even I am getting the same . Dani, did you remove it or it has become paid ?

This is the one-line reply to my email, which I received yesterday from Daniweb's happygeek:

Apologies - the link directory has temporarily been removed.

It didn't say how long we're going to wait.

Even I am getting the same . Dani, did you remove it or it has become paid ?

So can any of the admins give us an estimated date of when the link directory will be up again?

haloo dani and all i newbi n still newbi expr hehehe i m interest link exchange could you back link my website ? thanxs

Well please use full english sentances so we can actually understand what you want

Id like also to be included. I clicked on the link and it said it was forbidden. Do you let new users use this service?


i want to add my sites in your directory. can you tell me it is paid or not ?


Its still giving the same message. "403 Access Forbidden".
Why is it giving an error to that page? Is the directory still active?


I tried to go to your directory page but it keeps giving me this error, 403 Access Forbidden. My cookies are set low, so I know thats not the problem and i'm logged in....


great .. I'll see to it

umm ... what's this 403 stuff means?

Here's the simple means to find those good links. Go to the major search engines. Search for your target keywords. Look at the pages that appear in the top results. Now visit those pages and ask the site owners if they will link to you.

Example of a Link Exchange Letter from Eric Ward:

Hi <name>, my name is Eric Ward.

Regarding your site at

This month I'm helping the Hallmark Channel (cable TV) announce their new Web site about adoption. The site is the companion site for their real-life TV series "Adoption Stories," which premiers this month (June).

Details about the site are below. Please feel free to feature or link to this new content in any way you feel appropriate.

By chance is your adoption news section at a good fit for it?

Also, if you have any questions or need anything feel free to contact me at <snip email and phone numbers.

I'm a real person, not a link request bot :) :)

Best wishes,

Eric Ward

<snip fake signatures>

yeah..i am getting lot of quality back links from this website.

Hi just to let you know that i clicked on the link you gave to exchange links and i got 403 Access Forbidden

many thanks mrferroli

I am noob blogger and seo and I am noob to this forum. I will add my sites here. More Power to DaniWeb.:D

As mentioned earlier in this thread, our link directory is no longer available. Locking thread.

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