Okay, I know I am raising question onto thing which isn't good at all but, I have heard things about w3c validator some SEO people say that no matter how correct you code is until or unless you didn't pay them they keep showing errors over your code and once you pay them they will not show any of the error ! So, my question over here is, it true or just some misconception that some SEO people throw to hide their .... ?

I don't think so, my website had passed on w3c validator. if our code is perfect, then it will reflect on SERP. i hope so

Seriously ?? Did you tried checking your website over the the validator ?? I know you are joking aroung I have tried doing that for you and LOL I have found 3 errors and 1 warnings, try checking it yourself again over W3C Validator. You must be in dilemma when you have tried...

PS: I have attached an screenshot which I think is enough to prove my point !

sry madam, my website is gijju.com, you can check via w3c validator, it is passed. i will check with advent designs,once i fixed i will upload it for your attention

You shouldnt need to pay w3c anything to get an error free result. It should be part of your site QA/QC process; you just need to keep running it and correcting errors; it takes time but it should be done anyways. Error free clean code with good markup is just a good best practice all around.

And if you dont do it for SEO think of it this way; you have a wordpress blog. After a few years you are seeing 25,000+ visitors per month because of this you have migrated from a shared hosting plan to VPS to dedicated server in conjunction with a CDN to handle the traffic load. Maybe you see the potential of it growing even more; so you invest on migrating the site to a cloud environment. These moves become so much easier having clean semantic code because you dont have to worry about the theme having to be hacked together during every move to make the site actually work.

Or how about this reason - wordpress releases a new version; suddenly all the hack code you've used to be browser compatible (and was error ridden in w3c) with your theme now makes you theme no longer work. Now all of that hard work you've dumped into making your website look, feel and act how you want - is now all gone.

Be the SEO person who does things right and do right by your clients; it will take more time, it will be more frustrating but it will help you keep clients over the long run.

commented: Total throw out I think I have got my query solved. +3

Yeah, i think its good for beginers. I alo use it.

Actually, W3C Validator will be the very best choice for finding and fixing coding issues. I believe it will be the best option for making corrections.

for search engines to read/index your website propaerly u need to have good code with as little errors as possible. so the w3c validator is a very essential tool. that said having a website with no errors does not mean u wil suddenly rank on the first page of google. thats a different ball game

So, after listening all your queries over here I would say it's good to use W3C vaildator ! And those SEO guys are trying to hide their lack of solving problems out ! Good one got my answer thanks all of you trying to clear things up ! for me ! I can now mark my question as answered !